AG is a restaurant for everybody, but truth to be told, mainly for meat lovers. We have the best porterhouse, clubsteak, entrecôte and such in Sweden, hand picked by Scan. There’s more on the menu, but the meat is closest to our hearts. We even tenderize it ourselves – the results are on display in the large fridge by the entrance.

We use locally produced ingredients and the menu changes with the seasons: game in winter, lamb in spring, and so on.

The location was once a silver factory and since AG is the chemical symbol for silver the name picked itself. Jonas Bohlin designed the interior with tiles, light fixtures from Småland, leather from Tännsjö and chairs made specially for AG.

This is the restuarant we’d like to go to ourselves. A place for everybody that enjoys company, having a good time and eat first rate ingredients prepared without fuss, but with great knowhow. Many eat themselves hungry at the bar and continue at the table, sharing appetizers. Then it’s time for the pièce de résistance: the meat. Welcome to do the same.

Johan Jureskog and Klas Ljungqvist

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