The Bar is the perfect place to meet, drink and eat yourself hungry. Come after work, before dinner or just because you enjoy hanging out with your mates. There is plenty of space at the long tables while the low tables are perfect for an intimate chat. Feel at home, stay a while – we’re open until 1 am – or carry on, maybe to the restaurant, maybe further into the Stockholm night.

The Bar has everything from small and large beers to wine and our own cocktails. And it gets even more interesting in the kitchen, where the Bar’s very own chef makes tapas and pintxos. The menu varies, from the classics to new, exciting combinations and always with the same love and care as in Spain.

You can also order AG:s famous burger and much, much more. Ask the staff, they’ll happily guide you through the menu. In the Bar you can whet your appetite or stuff yourself, and it will not cost a fortune.

If AG is the restaurant we would like to go to, then the Bar is the place we’ll choose to meet our friends.

You are more than welcome to join us.

Johan Jureskog and Klas Ljungquist

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